"Vikings The True Stoy" is a 2 Episode historical documentary commissioned by History Channel, Viasat for International broadcast.
A new journey of discovery that busts myths and re-examines established facts
The extraordinary development of modern techniques and equipment has heralded an inspiring new era in historical research. Now, with exclusive access to a team of experts and historians in Norway who are making astonishing new discoveries, this enlightening and entertaining two-part documentary challenges much of what we think we know about the great Nordic ‘warrior race’, the Vikings.
In the first episode, we examine Vikingopolis, a fabulously wealthy state that existed well before the accepted Viking age, find new evidence for the physical existence of gods such as Thor and Odin and demonstrate how recently discovered artefacts reveal a sophisticated system of international trade and commerce. In the second episode, we reveal the little-known importance of human slave trading in the Viking world and question whether the infamous Viking raids were more about taking human captives than the much-covered looting or pillaging.
Executive Producers - Like a Shot Entertainment.
Directed and Produced by Jeremy Freeston. Edited by David Halsted.
Film Design, Compositing and Cg Effects by Shrewd Ape Media.
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