2018, April
The Series is finished! Six episodes of "Viking Dead" which are now being broadcast in over thirty countries accross Europe. The UK Premiere will be happening very soon and as soon as we get a transmission date it'll be shared here. It took just a year to make the series and we've visited countries accross Europe including Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Sweden, Gotland as well as locations in the UK. The production values have stepped up yet another gear too.
2018, March
March 2018 and Shrewd Ape is hard at it. a new series is nearing completion and will hopefully hit the screens in the summer of 2018. This is another one for Like a Shot Entertainment that has been Produced and Directed by Jeremy Freeston at Dragonshead Productions. There's been plenty of editing, post production and matte painting and compositing, along with photogrammetry and several trips filming.
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